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Can You Buy Cigarettes With A Visa Gift Card

What is the Wawa Rewards Program?The Wawa Rewards Program lets you earn Wawa Rewards coupons for every U.S. $50 spent on *eligible Wawa purchases using the Wawa App, Wawa Rewards Key Card or a registered Wawa Gift Card. With your permission, we may also automatically enter you in certain Wawa sweepstakes. Our Wawa Rewards members have the opportunity to not only earn rewards for qualified purchases, but will also have exclusive access to Mobile Ordering, Bonus Rewards, and other benefits.*Non-eligible items include fuel, sour cream, eggnog, all varieties of fluid milk and cream, tobacco, alcohol, coupon redemptions, delivery tips/fees, Wawa catering purchases and applicable taxes. The purchase of alcohol products, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, gift cards and pre-paid cards using a registered Wawa Gift Card may be prohibited by Wawa in its sole discretion. For more information about Wawa Gift Cards, please refer to the Wawa Gift Card Rules and Wawa Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions.

can you buy cigarettes with a visa gift card


Note: Once your account is closed you will no longer be able to redeem any rewards. Your Wawa gift card balance will still be available for use if you have the plastic card ONLY. Please be sure to use your gift card balance in full before closing your account.

I deleted the Wawa app from my device. What happens to my account and/or gift cards? If you downloaded a new version of the mobile app, you can log into your account using the same email address/password combination you have used previously.If you no longer want to use the mobile app, you can choose to keep your account active and access your rewards by navigating to to manage your account.Either way, all existing information, communication preferences and settings will remain in-place within your account. Your Wawa Gift Card balance will also be updated. Any rewards offers that remain will still be present as long as they have not expired.

I made an eligible purchase at a Wawa store but it is not reflected in my Wawa Rewards account! We are unable to add purchase credit to your account after the time of the transaction. Therefore, it is so important to have your Wawa Rewards card/app with you while you are shopping in our stores. Please be sure to scan your Rewards bar code or use your registered Wawa Gift Card to earn rewards on all your eligible purchases.

When do I need to scan my Rewards card?You will need to scan your Rewards barcode (on the app or on your keychain) during each purchase for eligible items to count towards dollars spent until your next reward. Once the Rewards barcode is scanned, you can pay anyway for your purchase (cash, credit, debit card).If you signed up to receive tobacco eligible discounts, your rewards barcode will need to be scanned at register to receive those discounts.If you pay with a registered Wawa Gift Card, you do not need to scan both Rewards and Gift Cards. Once your Wawa Gift Card is scanned, you will earn towards your Rewards.

How do I pay for my mobile order?You can skip the line and pay for your mobile order directly in the app with a Wawa gift card, major credit card, Apple or Google Pay. You can also pay for your mobile order when you arrive at the store.

Do I have to register the Rewards Key Card?The card must be registered to your Wawa Rewards account if you want to earn rewards on eligible purchases. You can receive tobacco discounts without registration; however, registering can allow us to communicate when discounts are available.

What if I lose my Rewards Key Card or my card is lost or damaged? No problem! You can pick up another card at the store. If the lost/damaged card was registered to your Wawa Rewards account, remember to update your account with the new Rewards Key Card number on or the Wawa App. This will ensure any purchases made using the new key card will count towards your earned rewards.

Do I have to scan the Rewards Key Card if I am paying with a Wawa Gift card on my account? No, you do not have to scan the Rewards Key Card if you are paying with a Wawa Gift Card that is registered to your Wawa Rewards account. You will continue to earn Rewards by scanning either your Rewards Key Card on the app or keychain or by using a registered Wawa Gift card to pay for your purchase. However, to receive tobacco discounts your Rewards Card must be scanned at the time of purchase. Promotions may vary; see store for details.

If I pick up a card in store, how soon can I use it?The Rewards Key card can be used immediately, without being registered, to receive a discount on select tobacco items when available. To start earning rewards on eligible purchases and receiving bonus offers, the Rewards Key Card must be registered to your Wawa Rewards account.

You may protect the balance on your Wawa Gift Card against loss, theft, or damage by registering it at or through the Wawa mobile app. Wawa will replace the remaining balance on a registered gift card at the time Wawa is notified of the loss.

Yes, we accept merchandise returns on select products with a valid proof-of-purchase (receipt or transaction information on Wawa mobile app or The return amount will be credited back to the method of payment that was used during the initial transaction. This includes Wawa gift cards.

The shipping and handling charge for merchandise and gift card orders is based on the shipping address and size of your order. Shipping charges apply to Continental US orders only. At this time, we are unable to ship to international addresses, P.O. boxes, APO/FPR addresses or US territories.

So, Wawa never adds a surcharge when I pay for fuel with my credit card? Correct. None of Wawa's fuel retail stores add a credit surcharge. At Wawa, we do not surcharge customers for anything. We believe in simple, clear pricing for all products, including fuel. We are simplifying our customers' lives by alerting them to the difference, and making sure they don't end up paying fees they don't have to.

Can I always pay at the pump?Absolutely! We are committed to providing the speediest and simplest way for customers to fuel their cars. Each store has CRIND (Card Reader IN Dispenser) system that enables completion of credit card transactions at the pump. Additionally, all of our pumps are equipped with contactless readers allowing customers to use contactless payment methods such as ApplePay and GooglePay. Customers can also pay for fuel using the Wawa App. See Wawa Rewards: Discover the benefits and features of Membership Wawa for details.

2. Each time you use the Card, you authorise us to deduct the amount of the transaction from the balance of funds on the Card. The available balance cannot be exceeded. Where a purchase exceeds the available balance, the excess must be paid using another payment method. The Card cannot be used for direct debit, recurring or instalment payments. Authorisations may be declined at some merchants. We are not liable in any way when authorisation is declined or a transaction otherwise does not proceed, regardless of reason. You are responsible for checking your transaction history and available balance as set out at

3. The Card is not reloadable, and is valid until the date shown on the front of the Card. Any remaining available balance will be forfeited on the expiry date. The Card is inactive until purchased and loaded with funds by the cashier. Upon purchase of the Card for a predefined fee, you agree to activate and load the card with the nominated amount on the front of the pack.

5. Merchants in the EU are prohibited from accepting certain anonymous gift cards (eg if the purchase amount or the face value of the gift card is above a certain amount). These regulations may change at any time, so you should check with EU merchants if they will accept the gift card.

8. For disputed transactions, you should notify the merchant where the purchase was made. However, if you are unable to resolve the disputed transaction with the merchant, you should notify us immediately by visiting, or call 1800 442 490 .

10. The Card is like cash and cannot be replaced if misused, lost, stolen, or damaged. You are responsible for all transactions on the Card, except where there has been fraud or negligence by our staff or agents. If you notice any error relating to the Card, you should notify Cardholder Services immediately on 1800 442 490 or at

OnlyONE VISA Gift Cards are your perfect gifting solution. The modern gift option empowers you to gift something valuable and worthy to people who matter. Make the special occasion even more special with OnlyONE gift cards. No more unwanted gifts!

Millions of customers use gift cards to purchase gas, snacks and services at Chevron and Texaco stations in the United States and Caltex stations in the Asia-Pacific region. These prepaid cards make excellent business and personal gifts and are often used for incentives and promotional prizes.

The U.S. Bank Rewards Card rewards employees and customers with the flexibility to shop everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the United States, including online. Find out more about U.S. Bank Rewards Cards.

Protect the Kroger Family of Companies gift card and treat it as you would cash. If the Kroger Family of Companies gift card is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, it will not be replaced and the value remaining lost. Funds do not expire. No fees. The Kroger Family of Companies gift card cannot be exchanged for cash, except where required by law. Cannot redeem for Kroger Family of Companies\u2019 Pickup, Delivery or Ship purchases. 041b061a72

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