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This Is The Most Realistic Cosplay I Ever Seen

This cosplay by alex_cosplays shows a more peaceful Yuffie, though her mischievous personality is hinted at with the small smile of the cosplayer. This photo also allows fans to get a good look at some of the details of this particular cosplay, such as the armor on her arms.

This is the most realistic cosplay I ever seen

This stunning cosplay by Stella Chuu not only gives a highly-detailed and perfect version of Yuffie and her outfit but also manages to capture Yuffie's playful personality in this brilliant photo. Yuffie is very confident in herself, proud, and can sometimes be a bit aggressive. Though she is a cunning thief, she is a compassionate comrade to the other characters.

One of the most popular and well-known Samus suits is her Zero Suit costume. The Zero Suit first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission and the comfortable design of the suit had proved to be popular with cosplayers at conventions, including the talented Zero May Cosplay from the UK.

Zero May Cosplay made the Zero Suit herself from scratch. Loving the design in Other M, she wanted to replicate the suit using scuba and metallic blue spandex fabric. As is usual with cosplay, it can be a case of trial and error until you achieve what you are looking for, so it took a few attempts for Zero May to perfect this look, but the results speak for themselves.

The fact that there's people out there that make a living being a social media cosplay person or whatever just blows my mind. As I see more of this I just get angrier and angrier at my guidance counselor back in high school.

New York Comic Con is often home to some of the most imaginative cosplays around. While we've seen some pretty incredible cosplay over the years, there was one woman's take on X-Men's Mystique that dominated the conversation during NYCC in 2016.

The 9 foot tall ghoulish antagonist of the upcoming Resident Evil title has become a favourite among both Resident Evil fans and the cosplay community ever since her reveal at the Resident Evil Showcase earlier this year.

And yet, some cosplayers have proven their costuming skill levels to be over 9,000 by creating some of the most accurate Dragon Ball cosplays we've ever seen. In fact, some of them are so close to the real thing that it seems downright impossible. These cosplayers have found ways to bring Dragon Ball into the real world, some going for anime-accurate interpretations, others finding ways to add some realistic touches to the unique character designs. So, if you're looking for some of the best Dragon Ball cosplay out there, then look no further. We've got 15 of the most impossibly accurate Dragon Ball cosplay for you right here.

Starting off, we have a stunning Vegeta cosplay brought to us by N. Warner, otherwise known as TechnoRanma on Deviantart. Warner has given us a cosplay of Vegeta that looks like it stepped right out of the anime and into real life, bright colors and all. This one earns a lot of points for really capturing the look and feel of the anime; everything from the cuffed gloves, the bright colors, the shape of the armor and the perfectly styled wig all make it seem like the prince of Saiyans himself is in the picture.

The armor is particularly impressive, since it looks just like Akira Toriyama's distinct art style. Warner has also captured the almost puffy nature of the armor's design; the same goes for the appearance of the gloves, which were also made to capture Toriyama's art style. Check out the hair as well -- Warner did a fantastic job of styling a wig to look just like Vegeta's straight-up hairdo. Where some cosplayers might attempt to make a realistic approach to the ridiculous design of Vegeta and his armor, we love how TechnoRanma was able to capture the cartoonish look of the anime, her cosplay being one of the most accurate we've ever seen. For more of TechnoRanma's cosplay, click here.

Next up, we have a costume by Deviantart user Dat-baka, a cosplayer from Australia who has given us a more realistic take on Goku. Well, perhaps realistic isn't the right word, since Super Saiyan Goku's hair is crazy and hard to pull off. But, Dat-baka managed to find a really cool middle ground between realistic and anime, something he applied to both Goku's golden hair as well as his whole outfit. The hair might not be so deliberately shaped, but the effect is still there, and the slightly dulled blonde makes this Super Saiyan cosplay appear a bit more realistic.

Dat-baka's version of Goku's signature orange gi is simple and doesn't go overboard with detail, much like the anime version, but there is one particular clothing choice we like: the segmented belt and sweatbands. There is something about the look of these elements of the costume that make it seem a bit more realistic while still keeping with the original design. Maybe its because the segmented look makes the sweatbands look more ceremonial, more traditional martial-arts-looking. In any event, this cosplay finds the medium between realistic and cartoony, making for a highly accurate depiction of Super Saiyan Goku. Check out more of Dat-baka's work here.

Goku and Vegeta are hard enough to cosplay because of their crazy hair and fashion sense, but one of the hardest Dragon Ball cosplays to pull off has to be Piccolo. In fact, you don't see a whole lot of Piccolo cosplayers out there, which only further illustrates just how difficult the character is to pull off. Yet, Harrison May did it with flying colors. May is part of a cosplay group known as RedCrane and Mayhem cosplay, and this Dragon Ball costume is easily one of his best works.

Like the previous entry, this one finds a nice middle ground between realistic and anime-y, which we thinks makes it look more accurate. May's makeup is spot on, as are the sleeves, which capture Piccolo's strange Namekian biology in a way that looks real and convincing, while still remaining faithful to the look of the anime. The muted colors of the clothing are a nice choice as well, the darker purple working to make Piccolo look grizzled; same goes for the ripped and weathered cape. We also love the way this picture makes it look like Piccolo is floating in a meditation position, something the character is known for. For more RedCrane and Mayhem cosplay, click here.

Some of the best realistic cosplay of Dragon Ball comes from one cosplayer in particular: Sosenka. Sosenka uses painstakingly-crafted prosthetics to add a ton of detail to the characters she cosplays as; some of her coolest hyper-detailed interpretations being her Dragon Ball costumes. We wanted to feature all of her Dragon Ball cosplay, but it would be enough to fill up half the list, so we're going to limit it to three, the first piece we want to showcase is her Lord Beerus cosplay. There is a lot to love about this cosplay, first and foremost being the realistic take that Sosenka took with the cat-like god of destruction.

The prosthetic mask Sosenka has used seems to be designed after the cat that Beerus himself was based on, but with much more detail, making this alien god seem much more frightening and intimidating. But the mask is not the costume's only great feature, since the direction that Sosenka went with the clothes also has some great choice. Particularly, we like how the collar is interpreted, looking much more like a solid piece of ceremonial armor rather than just a piece of cloth. The same could be said of the loincloth piece, which looks just as incredible as the collar when given a realistic twist. Sosenka completely nailed Lord Beerus with this cosplay, and you should check our more of here work here.

After presenting a cosplay of Lord Beerus, it only makes sense to show a cosplay of his angel attendant/teacher, Whis. This depiction of the character is brought to us by a cosplayer known as Aokiji13 on Deviantart. This Whis costume looks like it stepped right out of an episode of Dragon Ball Super, the clothes, the colors and the hair are all perfect. He even got Whis' very proper posture and pose down! Seriously, there's a lot to love about this cosplay, as every tiny detail is incredibly accurate to the character.

Easily one of Vegeta's best moments as a character was after he gave in to Babidi's power, only to redeem himself by self-destructing in an attempt to defeat Buu. Before he blew up, he gave everyone the feels when he had a father-son moment with his son, and this cosplay, brought to us by Baron Brach, is lifted straight from that dramatic moment in the anime. Brach's Majin Vegeta cosplay is spot-on, choosing to go with a middle-ground between anime and real life, which seems to be one of the best ways to bring Dragon Ball characters to life with cosplay.

He is the unmitigated champion of justice who tolerates no evil, the Great Saiyaman! Great is truly the only way to describe this cosplay, since every detail is spot on. The Great Saiyaman was a superhero identity that Gohan took on during his first year of high school in order to fight crime and keep his powers a secret from his friends and classmates. The outfit was designed by Toriyama to be a tribute to Tokusatsu-styled superheroes, which might be the reason why the helmet is so detailed and complicated, making this one difficult cosplay to pull off.

This look has one of Gohan's most complicated hair styles, which, combined with the difficulty of making Piccolo's shoulder pad cape outfit, makes this particular version of Gohan incredibly hard to cosplay. But QuantumDestiny managed to create an incredibly accurate costume of this iconic Gohan look. This cosplay is absolutely perfect. The hair matches the anime but looks realistic, the shoulder pads and cape are executed wonderfully, the colors are on point and the way the clothes wrinkle look just like Toriyama's style. This is easily one of the top contender on this list, an impossibly accurate Cell saga Gohan. For more breathtaking cosplay, you should definitely check out more of QuantumDesinty's work here.

So, you'd think with how hard it was to draw, making a cosplay would be even harder. And yet, Andrew's Cosplay recreated the character in real life with impossible accuracy. Cell's segmented armored skin seems like it would be impossible to cosplay, but Andrew's costume recreates it perfectly, complete with some impressively accurate colors. The headpiece is also rather impressive, recreating the crazy shape of the villain's head in real life, and the shiny black parts and the wings are perfectly accurate. Everything about this Perfect Cell cosplay is, well, perfect. This is seriously one of the best cosplays we have seen of one of the hardest characters to cosplay. For more Andrew's Cosplay, click here. 041b061a72

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